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When the tourist guide is on holiday

I spent some days in Nürnberg, in Germany. Nürnberg was amazing with its medieval atmosphere! I enjoyed walking there and discovering the beautiful monuments, nice buildings, churches, large squares and the castle.

We were so lucky, we had a very nice and warm weather there, ideal for a sightseeing tour.

We arrived by train and our hotel was situated in 5 minutes' walk distance from the train station. I can tell you, I loved Nürnberg at the first sight. People werevery nice, our hotel was a friendly, family managed hotel and its service was perfect.

Nürnberg's history goes back to the Holy Roman Empire. The Altstadt (Old Town) is still surrounded by walls, and there is the Kasierburg castle on top of the hill in the north side. The castle was host to official ceremonies for hundreds of years. Nürnberg is also known by the Nürnberg Rallies, racist Laws and Trials after the war. At the Nazi congress hall on the rally grounds is a powerful museum about Nazi regime, and Courtroom at the Palace of Justice is where Hermann Göring were tried.

The castle is really nice on the sandstone cliffs over the north side of Nürnberg’s Altstadt.

The imperial courts met here, and every newly elected emperor was obligated by decree to hold his first Imperial Diet at Kaiserburg.

There’s an observation platform at the top floor where you can have a stunning view to the town.

The Palace was used for the castle’s official functions, now has a museum.

Panorama view from the castle

Germany's greatest painter, Albrecht Dürer lived in this house. Dürer was the second son of the goldsmith Albrecht Dürer, the Elder who had left Hungary to settle down in Nürnberg in 15th century.

Dürer began his training as a draughtsman in the goldsmith's workshop of his father. He made a self-portrait in 1484 which proved that he is a great talent. There are no other examples of a 15th-century artist’s house in Europe.

The 5 storey-high building suffered some damages in the war but was soon restored. The rooms are decorated with period furniture and you can see an exhibition of drawings by Dürer.

At the square where the Albrecht Dürer House stands, were a lot of people sitting in restaurants, pubs, cafés and also on the ground in the middle. It was amazing to see and one thing what I noticed, a lot of people used their bicycle inside the town. The town seemed to be absolutely dog-friendly, I was sad that I left my dog at home!

You can find old and large churches in Nürnberg like the St. Sebaldus and St. Lorenz Church from the 13th and 15th centuries.

One of the wonders of medieval Nürnberg is a 19-metre Gothic fountain on the edge of the main market square from the 14th century. It is like a Gothic church, decorated richly by a lot of figures.

The statues at the bottom represent philosophy and the seven liberal arts, below the four evangelists and the four church fathers.

Above these are the seven Holy Roman electors, and the Nine Worthies.

And finally, at the top sits Moses and the seven prophets.

During the second world war it was wrapped in concrete shells and could survive without damages!

At the end of the day, when I was very tired and hungry, my only wish was to sit down and eat original Nürnberger sausages. I tasted it and it was really nice. I liked it very much. This Bratwurst has been produced from the 16th century in Nürnberg. They were very small about 8 cm long and I asked for a portion of 6 pieces. As I tasted, I could feel the fresh marjoram in it. The sausages are grilled on a beech-wood fire and served with sauerkraut, potato salad. If you are in Nürnberg, don't forget the bier of course! It is not easy to choose, there are plenty of them.

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