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Out of Budapest

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

During the lockdown I decided to discover the hiking tracks around Budapest.. I started my new acitvity with my familiy and my dog in the Pilis mountain. It is near to the capital city, about an hour drive away. We didn't start too early and the weather was ideal for a walking in the forest. I was happy to go out to nature, it was really amazing to do something after a long time.

This is my dog, Liza. She likes hiking, running, playing with the frisbee, a ball, doing agility or completing tasks for treats. She is always up for any kind of activities. We chose a hiking trail where she can swim or just immerse in the water to cool down. She loves being in the water.

She is always covered in mud and dódirt after our hikes. But she is a happy dog when we are together in nature.

Our trail was 15 km long but we didn't meet many people. Maybe it was due to the difficulty of the trail. Half-way through we stopped at a restaurant where we ate trout, my favourite fish. It was delicious! This restaurant is in the forest near Visegrád. You can eat venison and trout dishes here.

We followed a little stream in the second half of our hike. It was beautiful and calm. Everything was green and the only thing that you could hear was the singing of the birds and the burbling of the water. I will definitely come back here or will try to discover other routes in this area. I would recommend it to my guests and to all who would like to escape from the crowded city of Budapest.

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