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Secrets of Jewish District with Kosher Wine Tasting

During our tour we discover our Jewish heritage sights, learn about the history of Jewish District.  I will show you where the famous Orczy House stood which was the main centre of the Jewish community. We discover how was the life in the Király street, who were the "sadchens" and what caused the splitting of the Jewish community?  We learn what the "Jewish Triangle" expression means and for what purposes the Rumbach Synagogue will be used after its renovation.
We wil walk along the streets of Europe's biggest ghetto, so we talk about its history and what difficulties the people had inside the ghetto. We learn about houses with starts and those heroes who saved a lot of Jewish people and risked their own lives during the 2. WW.  Do you wonder who was the secret saver of the ghetto and where was planned to build up a giant synagogue in Budapest? Did you hear about the Jewish banker who fought duels?  What does kosher mean? You will get these answers if you join my tour.  At the end of the tour we will taste kosher wine. 

No public tour available, you can book private tour, please contact me! 



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