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Bike tour around Lake Velence after lockdown

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

After the lockdown has ended I decided to complete my bike tour around Lake Velence. I wanted to check whether we can rent bicycles, which restaurants, cafés are already open, what sights can be visited or if it is already possible to taste palinka with my guest. I was very happy to hear that my favourite bicycle rental place is open and ready to accept customers.

When we started our tour in Gárdony, the sun was shining and the weather was nice, but 10 minutes into our ride the sky darkened, it became very windy and started to rain. So after a short while we had to stop in Agárd because of the big rain. Luckily we were able stop at a little buffet to wait out the rain. While we were waiting we could have a meal, a drink, pancakes and a nice coffee too. We continued our tour when it stopped raining.

We were lucky because there was no heavy rain after that, it only drizzled a bit which felt refreshing during our ride. The sights were as nice as ever; we could hear the birds singing and could admire the view on the lake. It is amazing.

We made a short stop in Velencefürdő, at Velence Corso. Here we had some traditional Lángos with a refreshing lemonade. Almost every café, restaurant and little buffet is already open and ready for recieving guests.

I hope that my guests can visit Hungary soon and I can arrange this biking tour for them. In this case we wouldn't skip the Pálinka tasting!

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