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Szentendre, a little but very colourful town

Szentendere is one of my favourite city in Hungary. It is situated 20 km away from Budapest on riverside Danube. It is a real multicultural and artistic town. Its history goes back to ancient time. Illyrians and Celts; later the Romans settled down here and established a fortress here. Hungarian tribes arrived here here during the ninth century. During Ottoman occupation the settlement was destroyed but after the turks a lot of Serb, Dalmatian and Greek refugees came to live in Szentendre after the 16th century. These newcomers built houses in the architectural styles of their homelands, so you find a Mediterranean atmosphere in Szentendre today.

German and Slovakian citizens arrived to the town later. The Szentendre Artist Colony was founded in 1929 and a lot of artists, poets, actors, painters, sculptors moved to Szentendre.

You can reach the town by bicycle, car, commuter train (HÉV) and by river too. I highly recommend to walk along the Danube Promenade looking at the beautifule nature and colourful houses.

I love the curvy, cobblestones streets of Szentendre with cute restaurants and caffés. Here is a lot of things to do and see, you can find several sights, museums, galleries, shops, churches.

Don't miss the Marzipan Museum, the National Wine Museum, the beautiful Serbian Churches and the Serbian Orthodox Ecclesiastic Art Collection or a good Lángos if you got hungry during the walk. Szentendre is waiting for you all of the year!