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Stories of the Andrássy Avenue 1. part


During our walk we will talk about the circumstances of the construction of the Andrássy Avenue. How could the former sandy street change to one of the most beautiful avenues of Budapest? Did you know that there was a moorland on the current place of the Opera House?  Who made the construction works? One of them stood with a gun against the scamps. It turns out why churches were not built here and what attracted the ladies from the Király street to this avenue. How was the life in the former palaces of Andrássy street? Where did János Hunyadi live, the owner of the Hunyadi bitter mineral water company and the poor Attila József?    Where did Mór Jókai dance at last front of the audience? Let's discover the first part of Andrássy Avenue from the Deák Square to Oktogon Square. Let's hear the stories, secrets of the buildings. The 2. part of this walk is coming soon where we stroll along from the Octogon to Heroes' Square. 

This public tour is available only in Hungarian,  you can book only a private tour in English, please contact me! 



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