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My favourite sculptures in Budapest

Updated: May 20, 2020

Have you heard about Mihail Kolodko and his mini statues in Budapest? Every town has its hidden treasures. I think these tiny figures are one of these secrets.

The scultptor Mihail Kolodko was born in Uzhgorod (Transcarpathia) and moved to Hungary a few years ago. He had a great idea to surprise the citizens of Budapest with lovely mini statues. Which are now favourite for many people, including me. They are quite small, making it difficult to find them. You can either try to find them yourselves or with some help of a map that shows the locations of the statues. Are you ready for the scavenger hunt?

I would like to introduce you to some of these small sculptures.

One of my favourite is the "Mini Theodor Herzl" near the Dohány Synagogue.

Theodor Herzl was a jewish Austro-Hungarian journalist, he is often called the "spiritual father of the Jewish State". Do you know why is his statue here?

The house where he was born stood here.

If you visit the largest synagogue of Europe, don't miss to find this little statue here.

Kermit the Frog

Kermit the frog is the main character of the Muppet Show. He is sitting in the park at Liberty Square, in front of the former Stock Exchange Building facing the US Embassy. It is not easy to find but it's worth it because it is really cute.

Lisa Simpson

Do you know this figure? She is from The Simpsons. It is tied on an electric pole at Jászai Mari Square.

You could walk by without noticing, as it is situated in a hidden place. Can you believe that somebody wanted to steal this little statue? Luckily without success.

The Axe

This is a relatively new mini statue by Kolodko. There used to be a different Kolodko sculpture, "Ushanka", in it's place. Somebody destroyed it with an axe and threw it into the Danube. The sculptor created this axe statue as an answer to this act.

You can find more statues in the city: Főkukac (Tiny worm), Rubik's cube, Tiny Tank, The Rabbit, Mekk Elek (goat Handyman), Dead Squirrel, The mini Moon Buggy, The balloon dog, statue of Rezső Serres, The diver of the key of the New York Cafe, the Forteen Carat Car, the Mini Noah's Ark, the Urinal and mini statue of Hanna Szenes are all waiting for you to discover them.

Kolodko is a guerilla sculptor. He doesn't ask for permission from the authorities to place his miniature art works but nobody is complaining about it.

If you like jogging, I recommend to participate in the regular “Kolodko tours” for runners. The app. 10K route goes by all the little statues, so you can visit them all during your run.

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