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Legend of the Drakula's Castle

The Vajdahunyad Castle is located in the City Park in Budapest, it is a replica of a Transylvanian castle with the same name. According to legend the real Dracula was prisoned there. This castle is one of the most romantic castles in Hungary. If you look at the building, you can feel being in a fairy tale. I love this castle very much! My favourite photo is here:

Did you find the little dog on the photo above?

Some facts about its history: It was built for the city’s 1896 Millennial Exhibition for temporary purposes to show the major architectural periods of Hungary. The castle proved so popular, it was replaced a permanent one.

The castle is situated by the boating lake (in summer) / ice skating rink (in winter).

The castle is now home of cultural events, concerts, and the exhibitions of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum.

The castle is an eclectic structure featuring more architectural styles like Romanesque, Gothic Renaissance, Baroque, the Romanesque church of the village Jak and the Baroque palace of Prince Paul Esterhazy I.