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History of Hold Street Market Hall

It is unbelievable that my favourite little market hall situated between two streets, the Hold and Vadász Street is already 128 years old! The hall was designed by Győző Cziegler and was started to build in 1891. I mentioned that it is small, but the total area is about 2110 sqm and it has a gallery as well.

The market hall was really modern at the time of its building. It had refrigerating , weighing and meat examination rooms, premises made available to ambulance services and the Police, as well as separate toilet facilities for men and women.

The inaguration ceremony was held in February 1897. The original inscriptions ENTRY and EXIT over the entrances from Hold Street and Vadász Street can still be seen today. Do you know why? One-way traffic control was necessary due to space constraints.

The Hold Street Market Hall was renewed and now it is not only an attractive maketplace for shopping but also a gastronomic center. If you would like to have a nice lunch, I recommend you to try a bistro or street food kiosk here. You can find large portions and the best Hungarian specialities, schnitzels, beef or mangalica pork.

If you arrive in the morning, I am sure that it is better to arrive hungry because you have a nice breakfast here too.

The market hall is near to city centre, not far away from the House of Parliement, but you can find here a real countryside atmosphere.

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