NEW! Virtual Live Budapest Tour  

Duration: ca. 1 hour

Distance: ca. 2 km 

Great Budapest Tour I

with St. Stephen's Basilica, Buda Castle

Full day tour 

Duration:  ca.  8 hours

Distance: ca.  9 km

Small Jewish Tour

Half day tour

Duration: ca. 4 hours

Distance: ca. 3 km

Buda Castle Tour

Duration: ca. 2.5 hours 

Distance: ca. 2.5 km

Margaret Island Tour


Duration: ca. 2,5 hours

Distance: ca. 3 km

Budapest Christmas Markets Tour

Duration: ca. 2.5-3 hours 

Distance: ca. 2 km 

Only available from 18 November until end of December

Great Budapest Tour II

with National Museum and Central Market Hall

Full day tour 

Duration:  ca. 8 hours

Distance: ca. 9 km

Big Jewish Tour

Full day Tour 

Duration: ca. 6 hours

Distance: ca. 5 km

Bike tour around the Lake Velence

Duration: ca. 10 hours 

Distance: 40 km

Only available until end of October

Dog-friendly Tour

Duration: ca. 2 hours 

Distance: 2.5 km Tour A

3.8 km Tour B  

Hanukkah Tour

Duration: ca. 4 hours 

Distance: ca. 3 km 

Only available 10th-17 Dec. 2020

Dohány Synagogue Tour

Duration:  ca. 1.5 - 2 hours

Distance: ca. 1 km

Half day

Budapest Tour 

Half day tour 

Duration:  ca. 4 hours

Distance: ca. 4 km

Let's discover Pest 

Half day Tour 

Duration: ca. 4 hours 

Distance:  ca. 5 km            +36 30 299 6536

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