If you prefer tours with a smaller group and would like to spend your time seeing only the things you are most interested in. If you have a dog and prefer a dog-friendly tour, If you would like to be alone with your partner, your family or friends, taste some Hungarian food or if you would enjoy the walking tour at your own pace, I would be happy to tailor it to your needs. Where to eat or buy entrance tickets; where to go for entertainment and getting a little exercise with a gentle walking tour - as a local I can make this very easy for you. I will be your own local guide, no sharing with other people! We will walk in Budapest just like a group of friends. Please look at the options in the menu of walking tours, contact me and share with me the sites you would most like to see or which destinations you would like to skip in an existing tour and we can find the most suitable tour for you. 

 I hope to see you soon!

NEW! Virtual Live Budapest Tour  

Duration: ca. 1 hour

Distance: ca. 2 km 

Great Budapest Tour I

with St. Stephen's Basilica, Buda Castle

Full day tour 

Duration:  ca.  8 hours

Distance: ca.  9 km

Small Jewish Tour

Half day tour

Duration: ca. 4 hours

Distance: ca. 3 km

Buda Castle Tour

Duration: ca. 2.5 hours 

Distance: ca. 2.5 km

Margaret Island Tour


Duration: ca. 2,5 hours

Distance: ca. 3 km

Budapest Christmas Markets Tour

Duration: ca. 2.5-3 hours 

Distance: ca. 2 km 

Only available from 18 November until end of December

Great Budapest Tour II

with National Museum and Central Market Hall

Full day tour 

Duration:  ca. 8 hours

Distance: ca. 9 km

Big Jewish Tour

Full day Tour 

Duration: ca. 6 hours

Distance: ca. 5 km

Bike tour around the Lake Velence

Duration: ca. 10 hours 

Distance: 40 km

Only available until end of October

Dog-friendly Tour

Duration: ca. 2 hours 

Distance: 2.5 km Tour A

3.8 km Tour B  

Hanukkah Tour

Duration: ca. 4 hours 

Distance: ca. 3 km 

Only available 10th-17 Dec. 2020

Dohány Synagogue Tour

Duration:  ca. 1.5 - 2 hours

Distance: ca. 1 km

Half day

Budapest Tour 

Half day tour 

Duration:  ca. 4 hours

Distance: ca. 4 km

Let's discover Pest 

Half day Tour 

Duration: ca. 4 hours 

Distance:  ca. 5 km            +36 30 299 6536

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