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Time travel along the medieval city wall of Budapest

Wir haben keine deutschsprachige öffentliche Tour, wenn Sie sich an diesem Tour in Deutscher Sprache Interesse haben, kontaktieren Sie mich über eine Privattour. 

Zeitpunkt der englischen öffentlichen Tour:  29. Februar 13.15


We are going to discover the hidden ruins of the medieval city wall of Budapest and visit the City Wall Showroom. We will show you the most important buildings of the past and present situated along the former city wall.  

You will learn about interesting people, families and stories of previous centuries. When, out of what material and why was the city wall built? How did it look like? Where were the entrance gates and water ditches? Who lived and worked within the walls? Where did the shooting gallery and

the Salt House stand? What was the „Witch tower” famous for? How did the city of Pest develop after the demolition of the walls? What part did the city wall have in the formation of the Jewish Quarter? You will get the answers for these questions if you join my tour. Let’s explore the hidden medieval atmosphere and secrets of the town!

No public tour available, you can book private tour, please contact me! 


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