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Jewish Quarter in the medieval Buda 


We walk in the Buda Castle district and we discover the history of the middle age jewish quarters and their hidden ruins. Did you know that three synagogues and two Jewish Quarters were in the Buda Castle? What did the Jewish people work, who was that person, who gave a lot of money to the king for the battles against the turkish people? How was the life when Jewish and Turkish people lived together in the castle? Did you hear about the "Shabbat eruv"? We talk about Jewish Calendar, shabbat and kosher food. Where was the Jewish Cemetery, the Mikvah and the synagogues? If you would like to know the answers and other interesting stories, join our tour. We will visit one Jewish house of prayer.  

This public tour is available only in Hungarian language. You can book only private tour in English, please contact me! 

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